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Q: What is the best way to find out if my order has been shipped?

A: Email us at alan@myjumpsuit.com. We will respond ASAP. You can also call during business hours M-F 8:30 to 5:30 Central time.

Q: Can you clarify the differences between Parasuit Jumpsuits, Apparel World Jumpsuits, Sweet Company Jumpsuits, and MyJumpsuit.com?

A: It is very easy, they are ALL the same. To avoid brand confusion, our jumpsuits are now coming off the production line with Sweet Company Jumpsuit labels. Nothing has changed except the label. www.MyJumpsuit.com is the same Web site where you have always found your favorite Jumpsuits. We are, however, continually adding new fabrics and colors. We also can make most of our jumpsuits belted or beltless. We can even make long jumpsuits into Shortys!

Q: I'm not sure of my size. What should I do?

A: Most of the time, determining your CHEST measurement and your Height are the only two numbers that you need. See the "Size Guide" section on our web site for more information. You can always give us a call between 8:30 and 5:00 Central Time M-F, and we will be happy to help.

Q: Will it cost me a lot of extra shipping charges if I order the wrong size and need to exchange?

A: You can exchange any new and unworn Jumpsuits within one year. We will pay for shipping the next shipment back to you when you send it back for exchange. We will do this until we get it right! We know it is hard to order without being able to try our jumpsuits on. We want you to feel comfortable in knowing that we will make sure you get the right fit at a fair cost to you.

Q: Are these sized to be worn over other clothing?

A: Although you may certainly wear them over your clothing, our Jumpsuits are sized to be worn over underwear. If you plan to wear them over clothing, you will probably need to order a larger size and maybe even a longer length.

Q: Once I place an order, how long does it take for me to receive the Jumpsuits?

A: If the jumpsuits are in stock, we will ship within 48 hours. If they are not in stock, it takes about a week to 10 days production time. Then, of course, allow shipping time which will vary depending upon your distance from our Dallas,TX shipping point.

Q: What if I need my order by a certain date? How will I know if the jumpsuits can be shipped in time?

A: If you have a deadline for arrival, it helps if you will let us know when you place your order, in the "COMMENTS (Optional)" box during Checkout. We will email or call with the information immediately during business hours.

Q: I have not received my order. How do I check the status?

A: You will need to send an email to myjumpsuits@aol.com requesting status. Please provide the order # that you received in a confirmation email immediately after submitting your order. If you do not have that number, in the email, be sure to provide the "Bill to" name and zip code. Please note the other tracking links that appear to be available, do not work. For status, Email to above or call M-F 8:30 to 5:00 Central time 1-800-397-3086. We will reply ASAP during business hours.

Q: Can I get a Gift Certificate to send for Father's Day?

A: Absolutely. Many of our customers have us email them, or the recipient, a Gift Certificate; especially you last minute shoppers. The certificates are in $50 increments. Each $50 is worth one jumpsuit, no matter what the price shows online. It also includes shipping charges, making the whole process easy for the recipient.

Q: Can I get an order overnight?

A: Yes, call us before 3:00 Central Time M-F. We will let you know if we have it in stock, or possible substitutions, and you will have it the next day (even delivery on Saturday).

Q: Can I specify the type of fabric that I want; maybe lighter or heavier or exactly what I had before?

A: Yes, call us M-F 8:30am-5:30pm. We can decide together the best choice of fabric. You can also email us anytime and we will promptly respond.

Q: What is Raglan Sleeve compared to Set-in Sleeve?

A: Raglan Sleeve has a seam running from your neck diagonally to under the armpit. Set-in Sleeve has a seam from the neck to the tip of the shoulder. The set-in sleeve then appears to start at the tip of the shoulder. Most people do not notice a difference, although there are some body types that would prefer one over the other.

Q: Do all of your Sweet Company Jumpsuits have elastic across the back waist?

A: YES. In most cases this helps the fit and gives a sleeker look.

Q: I have recently had surgery and cannot have pressure around my mid-section. Can anything be done?

A: Yes, we can loosen the elastic, remove it completely, or add only side elastic pieces to help with the fit. Please call for this type of special alteration, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Q: Do all of the Sweet Company Jumpsuits have a zipper front?

A: Yes, we use a two way zipper. One pulley zips from top to bottom to take on and off. The other pulley starts from the bottom and zips up, so that the jumpsuit does not have to be removed when nature calls.

Q: How many pockets are on the jumpsuit?

A: Almost all of our Sweet Company Jumpsuits have 6 pockets...Two upper breast; two back (one with button); and two side hip pockets. Our "Traveler" style is the one exception. It has no back pockets, but some additional zipper and button closure pockets (see web site link).

Q: Why wear jumpsuits instead of pants and a shirt?

A: Our customers have many, many different reasons why they choose to make Jumpsuits their choice. Among the most common reasons are: Comfort; Easy to shop - Pants-Shirt-Belt are all one decision, and they know it will match; Slimming Effect - longer lines do not show the mid-section that has grown a "little" more than desired; Sweet Company Jumpsuits represent a lifestyle of leisure and a reminder of the hard work it took to get there, especially those that served our country or spent many work days in jumpsuits.