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We are very happy you found us. We have been designing and manufacturing Jumpsuits/Coveralls for 50 YEARS. Actually, we have been in the Men's Clothing Business since 1922. Yes...we are very excited to celebrate our 95TH ANNIVERSARY in 2017! It all started when my grandfather, Al Sweet, chose Dallas,Texas to start his own business. At age 21, he moved down South from Minneapolis to create Sweet Manufacturing Co, Inc. In 1954 my father, Harold Sweet, came along and held down the fort until 1981 when I joined these great men. I am grateful for 35 years as a 3rd generation business owner and I look forward to many more. My father retired a few years ago so now my wife, Susan, and I are busy keeping up with the latest trends. In 2016, we continue to uphold the values my grandfather and father instilled in us. The values of excellent quality and excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on having long time customers who know they can call, and easily talk to Susan and I directly. In fact, many of them still send a "Hello" to my father! These days, many of you have figured out how to find us 24/7 and we absolutely love it. We love hearing from you via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We enjoy all the shout outs and pictures. Keep 'em coming!
Alan Sweet