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Seersucker & Pincord Pre-Order Sale


The availability of Seersucker and Pincord Stripe fabric is extremely limited this Spring/Summer. We are asking that you order in advance, if possible, to be sure that we will have your size and colors. Delivery in 4 weeks.

Unfortunately, this short supply is also bringing a higher price. To help offset the higher prices and the need for your advance order, this week we have two incentives:

1) We are reducing the new price for any Seersucker or Pincord jumpsuit by $10.

(2) Receive an additional 10% OFF the price of any Seersucker or Pincord jumpsuits.

We know that these two fabrics are very popular. With your help during the next few days, we will do our best to be sure that we can provide you with your favorite jumpsuits.